C O CREATE LET'S WORK From Print to VR, we create one of a kind experiences that promote brand awareness with a new approach.

We believe in being experimental, pushing boundaries and building creative relationships.

ONE 1. Who are we? 2. Why Work with us? 3. Creative Consultants 4. PARTNER NETWORK Creative Digital
Design Agency
We're a collaborative of highly talented, efficient designers and content creators. We take businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs to the next level.

We have a passion for visions and taking calculated risks.
TWO 1. Who are we? 2. Why work with us? 3. CREATIVE CONSULTANTS 4. PARTNER NETWORK Why work with us? When we start working with our clients, we create a relationship that can last for a lifetime, we believe in integrating ourselves with our clients management to successfully deploy and launch campaigns.

THREE 1. Who are we? 2. Why work with us? 3. Creative Consultants 4. PARTNER NETWORK Creative Consultants Sometimes its easier to bring us onto an existing project so that we can manage and help execute at the highest quality.

We Offer
-Project Management
-Business Processes Optimization
-Software Auditing
FOUR 1. Who are we? 2. WHY WORK WITH US? 3. CREATIVE CONSULTING 4. PARTNER NETWORK Partner Network When working with us, you get access to our creative network of Award Winning Exhibit Builders, Video Professionals & Content Curators.

Think about us as the middle man to the good stuff, sometimes you gotta have the connection to get what you're really looking for.

Experimentation often leads to success.

As the world of creation blends, we use all the tools at our disposal to cross pollinate mediums, ideas and experiences to tell your story.

Here are some of the services we provide.

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WordPress Website Design

Fast, Responsive, Animated Interactive designs.

Branding / Art Direction

We design the right logo, pick the perfect colors.

Film / Photography

From Concept to Film Day, we create your vision.

Unreal / Unity Development

Video Game Design, Architectural Visualizations, 3d Modeling

Twitch Streaming

Level up your stream with our stream team.

Product Development

Prototyping, Patent, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, And Marketing Services

Slide W W W Web Experiences we've designed.

06.08.20 https://famosofarms.com
AV5 07.03.2020 https://www.av5.com DJ
18.02.2020 https://djjeremiahred.com
VIVANT 09.17.16 https://www.vivant.com


“Keep it Copacetic.”

I am digital native from Los Angeles, CA and Copacetic Designs is my company. 

I’m a multifaceted creative entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in WordPress Web Design,  Audio & Visual Design, Brand Management and Creative Consulting. 

I focus on the over all “vibe” of your business and am able to bring continuity throughout your different channels and create an experience for your costumers, listeners or users.

My creative drive and passion for experimenting in the digital age will sure to be an asset to your business or team.

Years and counting of

Creative Direction

From ad design to live streaming concerts

Get in touch.