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Why Hire a Creative Consultant in 2020?

The  world is going digital at an increasingly fast pace. So it’s important to understand what a Creative Digital Consultant is and why your company should have one in 2020.

First let’s define before we go forward:

A digital consultant doesn’t consult your business like you’re used to. They help you with how and where your business should exist in the digital world. The digital space covers anything that is connected online such as websites, mobile phones, networks, and many other options that currently exist or will be invented soon.

With that, here are 9 reasons your company needs a Creative Digital Consultant:

1. Digital Consultants Are Cutting Edge

Every day it seems like there is a new social network or technology being invented where businesses need to ask themselves if that pertains to them. The answer unfortunately is ALWAYS unique to every business. Facebook is absolutely not for everyone, and some businesses like Taco Bell should be on Snapchat where many shouldn’t even worry about it. The online landscape changes in the blink of an eye, and it can be difficult to keep up with. You should focus on your business. As digital consultants, we will focus on how digital changes affect your business and let you know how to act accordingly.

2. Digital Consultants Lead The Strategy So You Can Execute

You might have a team of 2, 5, or 20 to handle your digital marketing, but these employees are almost always hired to execute and not write the strategy. Strategy is understanding the best mix of technologies and platforms for your business, when to post for maximum effectiveness (changes for demographics and audience), and what your next move is. Your team is great at engagement and producing content, but it doesn’t mean they should lead the strategy decision.

3. Digital Consultants Are Affordable

Think about how much it would cost to hire an in-house SEO expert, a social media manager, a web designer, an advertising executive, a videographer, and multiple developers to handle your many different digital landscapes? You need to invest in human resources to recruit these people, interview them, and train them. You will need to pay salaries and benefits for all these people. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars here. Wouldn’t you rather work with a full-service digital consulting firm that can scale up or down with your needs; paying much less for the same caliber of work, without all the in-house expense? You will have significantly more talent on hand than you might be able to recruit yourself.

4. Digital Consultants Help You Keep Up With Competitors

Are your competitors on the new social network, have they created their own app, or is their site responsive for mobile and tablet users? It’s a digital consultant’s job to keep track of all this and notify you when you’re lagging behind and give you recommendations on what you should be doing to be a few steps ahead of your competitors. A good digital consultant will conduct competitive research to see where your top competitors are investing their time and money, and let you know if its worth it for you to keep pace. Companies can lose or gain big time when making the decision to jump into a new technologies or not engaging in a platform when competitors are.

5. Digital Consultants Ensure Your Website is Always Fresh

One of the chief duties of a Digital Marketing Consultant is to ensure that your website looks and functions its best; at ALL times. Your customers are on your site 24/7 and there’s constantly a new “normal” in terms of expectations for what your site should look and act like. You want a look that represents your brand, your current business, and one that tells your story to accomplish your objectives. You’ll want someone you can call if something goes wrong and the site needs immediate fixing, no matter the problem.

6. Digital Consultants Deliver Technology Proofing

Quite often businesses will ask consultants good questions like: Should they build their eCommerce site on Magento, WordPress, or Drupal? Should they build their website using WordPress or do they need something more robust or within a different language? It’s a digital consultant’s job to help you understand the best foundation for where you are now, and also what you want to be doing down the road. Building on the right foundation with clean code will enable you to easily add on the functionality you wanted to add initially but waited to do so for 18 months. Ensuring that you’re building on the right technology will save you thousands of dollars and many headaches when you suddenly realize that the site you built for marketing purposes isn’t capable of doing what you want it to, and now you need to build from scratch all over again.

design business and technology intersect

7. A Digital Consultant Becomes A Valued Partner

As the world continues to change and move online, you’ll need a digital consultant. Find a partner you can trust whose specialty is making your business succeed online. Ensure that you’re using the latest technologies to streamline your workflow, that you’re using the right outlets and platforms to engage your key influencers and customers. And to always be there when you have a question about what your business should do or where you should be online. A good consultant should become your trusted partner.

Setting Up Local SEO

Are you a new business?

Alright let’s get to the point, you’ve created your website but no one is looking at it. You can’t even find it on the Google search yourself when you type in the keywords. With a 7 step plan, you’ll come from being a zero, to a hero.


Step 1: Update your Google Listing

If you commit yourself, this will only take you 15 minutes. Make sure that the correct business name/information is in the business name field or else no one will ever find you. Include a brief breakdown of what your business does and its objective. See yourself as a job hunter trying to get picked by recruiters. Now employers spend on average 1 minute looking at your resume before deciding if you get to go to the next time. Don’t make your bio lengthy or no one will get through past the first couple sentences.
In your bio you should include a hyperlink that goes back to your page so it saves them about 10 seconds. Don’t forget to bold, italize, and use bullet points to catch their attention and show what’s important. While being very concise don’t, I repeat don’t just use keywords that make no sense. Make it seem natural so it doesn’t tip off anyone’s radar.


Now to REALLY get their attention, you have to include some graphics. Don’t lie, did the gifs catch your attention, or did they catch your attention? Here’s what to include in the pictures and why:

  • Business’s store front
  • So they know what to look for when they’re hunting for you
  • Products
  • So they know what they’re getting when they ask for you
  • Staff
  • So they can see your friendly faces


Step 2: Improving your homepage

Now that we got through the base of that, let’s move on to some more improvements.
Do you feel like you’re not getting noticed?


Do you feel like you’ve done all you can?


Do you feel like you just wanna give up?


Well fear not, because we have the thing for you!


This shouldn’t take too long considering that you just revamped everything for step 1.
Instead of updating the Google listing, you’ll apply all the changes/additions to your current homepage. Go into more detail of what you do since they went onto your page, they probably want the whole spiel. At this point you are really trying to sell yourself. Add some company history so they know who they are dealing with. Tell them why you are #1, and why they should pick you over your competitors whether it be because of customer service, efficiency, or responsiveness, write it down. Include links from other pages backing you up on your notions. Remember they might have no idea who you are, so you always have to back up your case.
Lastly, don’t forget to add those lovely photos you had from the Google listing onto your homepage as well.

Step 3: Update your homepage tag & add a schema

Alright this step is relatively simple. All you have to do is take what you do, and make it sound like you are the best at it. Let’s say you’re maybe the slowest coder out there, you can say “Most thorough coder in town—*Insert name here*”. These are the little things that people will notice, and the little things that people will remember. To ensure that these things are little, try to keep these under 60 characters, think about it, it wouldn’t be catchy if it was a mouthful. Just imagine Twitter decides to cut their character limit in half, and you need to sell yourself on Twitter. The only key parts that these little things have to include is who you are, what you do, and where is it. So include your business name, your line of work, and what city/town you are in.

This next bit will get a bit more technical.


You might think “Golly gee, how can I get noticed by more search engines?”, well fear not, because a schema mark-up is exactly what you need. If you don’t know how to code it, there is a little tool for it, just like everything else in life. All you need to do is plug in what information you have on your business and the tool will chug it out. All you have to do after it chugs it out, is copy and paste it onto your homepage somewhere.

Step 4: The people needs to be heard

Alright this step should be simple. You simply need to get reviews, and if you ask why you’ve obviously never decided on going someplace new to eat. In case you don’t, you need to get yelp reviews so others can hear/know about you. Here’s what you gotta do: get a yelp profile, claim it as yours, get the badge and put it onto your page. 
I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you already have a yelp page for your business, if not, you stop. Stop reading this right now and go create a yelp page for yourself. Once you have created one, you can claim it as your own business by looking here to guide you through the know-hows. After claiming your business on yelp, you should feel like how Neil Armstrong felt when he first step on the moon, but if not that’s totally understandable.
With your claimed business on yelp you now have access to obtain your badge. You can post the badge onto your page that’ll direct people straight to your yelp profile. You can find instructions on how to obtain your yelp badge here.

Since you have everything done in the cyber world now, let’s put it in effect in the real world. You can request to get a sticker from yelp by filling out this form. Once that amazing sticker comes in the mail, simply place the sticker anywhere that has the most foot traffic.


In the case where you don’t have a physical location for people to go, then I’m assuming you have an email database of your clients. And if not, then what are you doing here.


If you have an email database, simply send an email to your clients informing them that you are now on yelp, and ask them to leave a review on your page to boost your profile. Last thing to do for this step is to kick back and relax as you watch your amount of yelp reviews skyrocket.


Step 5: Gaining creditability

So this step is gonna take a bit of time, but that’s okay. You need to start collecting some citations like how Scrooge McDuck collected money.


In the long run, you should at least collect the top 10 citations relative to where you are. The list can be found here. Since this may take awhile, just collect them in small bursts of 1-2. All you have to do is just do the same thing you did with yelp, but for these other pages.


Step 6: Tell them what you do

This may take while to do depending on what you have to do. Chances are most of your competitors don’t list what they do or services that they provide on their website, and this is your chance to shine. Since you don’t want to overwhelming yourself, make yourself a to-do list of what services you provide and slowly check them off as you provide a page for it on your homepage. What you mainly have to do for each is describe the service in detail, and include a couple of photos and links of either your products or procedures etc. Don’t forget your title tags!

Step 7: Chill

You’re done. All you have to do now is wait, sip a little of whatever you drink, and hope for the best.



Creating a new Website

Where do I start?


So you’re a brand new business looking to get a website made, heck you might even be trying to make it yourself? First thing to do is pick your platform which you will build your new site on.

Creating a website used to be complicated, but now with Website Services from Godaddy, Wix, anyone can basically be a “website designer & developer”.

I remember back in the good days when we started becoming a web development company, we had to build everything from scratch, that good stuff! HTML, CSS and Flash ( oo movement! ) – but thats simply not true anymore.

In 2017, CMS is King. A CMS is a Content Management System that simply put is a user-friendly platform or app for building websites and managing your own content like pictures, blog posts & anything else you can think that you can upload, instead of having a crap ton of HTML pages.

Right now the internet is dominated by these top 3 platforms.

WordPress wins hands down, almost half of the websites on the internet are running on the WordPress website platform. 

Don’t believe me? W3Techs & Builtwith both have stats prove it!

We main focus on the WordPress CMS for our website development. The only limitations you will have if you’re creating your own website is custom integrations, custom plugins, custom everything! You will still need good knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS to create a website that really shines.

Regardless its still the best and easiest way to build a website, more importantly though

#1 Its freaking free! With a bunch of themes and plugins to choose from.

#2 Its super user and beginner-friendly.

#3 Corporate? Mom and Pop Shop? Its great for both.

#4 Responsive out of the box. Meaning it works on phones and tablets too!

#5 Documentation is everywhere, nothing a Google Search can’t fix.

This website you’re reading this on is a WordPress site. You’re in our blog section 🙂 .

The next step….buy a domain and hosting.


Website hosting can be either super expensive, or super inexpensive, it comes down to what type of website you want to make.

We’ve created and managed all of our clients through as a web host and domain registrar. We feel like their support is the best in the industry.

Once you buy your domain name make sure to set up your personal email – [email protected] – branding is another key factor in your websites success. We will talk bout that on next weeks post.

Plan your next step.


Brainstorm, throw ideas around with friends & strangers to make sure you come up with the best domain name.

Buy your domain and web hosting.

Then follow our How to Create a WordPress site on Godaddy Guide.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or concerns with your website development project, or just want someone to handle it all for you. Give us a ring or email us at [email protected]