Where do I start?


So you’re a brand new business looking to get a website made, heck you might even be trying to make it yourself? First thing to do is pick your platform which you will build your new site on.

Creating a website used to be complicated, but now with Website Services from Godaddy, Wix, Web.com anyone can basically be a “website designer & developer”.

I remember back in the good days when we started becoming a web development company, we had to build everything from scratch, that good stuff! HTML, CSS and Flash ( oo movement! ) – but thats simply not true anymore.

In 2017, CMS is King. A CMS is a Content Management System that simply put is a user-friendly platform or app for building websites and managing your own content like pictures, blog posts & anything else you can think that you can upload, instead of having a crap ton of HTML pages.

Right now the internet is dominated by these top 3 platforms.

WordPress wins hands down, almost half of the websites on the internet are running on the WordPress website platform. 

Don’t believe me? W3Techs & Builtwith both have stats prove it!

We main focus on the WordPress CMS for our website development. The only limitations you will have if you’re creating your own website is custom integrations, custom plugins, custom everything! You will still need good knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS to create a website that really shines.

Regardless its still the best and easiest way to build a website, more importantly though

#1 Its freaking free! With a bunch of themes and plugins to choose from.

#2 Its super user and beginner-friendly.

#3 Corporate? Mom and Pop Shop? Its great for both.

#4 Responsive out of the box. Meaning it works on phones and tablets too!

#5 Documentation is everywhere, nothing a Google Search can’t fix.

This website you’re reading this on is a WordPress site. You’re in our blog section 🙂 .

The next step….buy a domain and hosting.


Website hosting can be either super expensive, or super inexpensive, it comes down to what type of website you want to make.

We’ve created and managed all of our clients through www.godaddy.com as a web host and domain registrar. We feel like their support is the best in the industry.

Once you buy your domain name make sure to set up your personal email – [email protected] – branding is another key factor in your websites success. We will talk bout that on next weeks post.

Plan your next step.


Brainstorm, throw ideas around with friends & strangers to make sure you come up with the best domain name.

Buy your domain and web hosting.

Then follow our How to Create a WordPress site on Godaddy Guide.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or concerns with your website development project, or just want someone to handle it all for you. Give us a ring or email us at [email protected]



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